Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Jacob Bromwell

For those who like food preperation accessories for their kitchen, fireplace, or campfire check out Jacob Bromwell (http://www.jacobbromwell.com/) before running out to one of the big box companies.  They are made in the USA and not over priced!  They also come with a Lifetime Guarantee.  You can read more about their Lifetime Guarantee here: http://www.jacobbromwell.com/lifetime-guarantee

Here is a list of their top sellers:

We are still learning all of the functions of Blogger and will soon have their catalog on this blog.  But in the meantime feel free to click on their links and shop!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Aquinas and More

The first company we are featuring is Aquinas and More.  They are based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  If you teach Sunday School or are simply looking for a religious gift, they've got you covered!  You wont find any Made in China tags with this company.

You can read more about this company here:  http://catholicinformation.helpserve.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/35/16/about-us

You can also read about their Good Faith Guarantee here:   http://catholicinformation.helpserve.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/40/18/good-faith-guarantee

Here is a link to their main page:


I especially have issues buying religious gifts or religious shirts that do not have a made in China tag, so I am excited about this company.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The good ol' saying...

This blog is not to prove that some Asian countries have human rights issues (There are plenty of US government documents and non-profit organizations that prove this) but it is to help the consumer think of how their product is made from start to finish with all the details.  And for the Consumer to think of buying locally.  Think Globally, Buy Locally!!!  Too lame perhaps.

At least in my little corner of the world I have heard over and over again that "Everything is made in China."
That wasn't the only saying either...The other popular saying I have heard is "you save more when you buy things made in China."

Before doing research on the second quote I thought of quality.  One example that recently happened to me was that I had to replace a door handle and lock.  I had the option to pay $8.95 for a made-in-China replacement or for just a dollar more I could get the same design and color and this replacement was made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty. Totally worth the extra dollar.

I guess the moral question simply comes down to this:  Is it worth saving a couple of dollars a week to support a country that has several human rights issues?

Other questions:

How much do we really save by buying products made in China?  I guess it depends on the individual or family.

Why can some people simply discard the issues going on in these countries?

Sometimes products that are made in China are more expensive than products made in the USA.  Just remember to read the tag.

Monday, July 18, 2011

About this blog

This blog is meant to shed light on the consequences of buying products from various countries where Human Trafficking and Child Labor remains.

I will also showcase companies that do not sell products made in these countries.

I also encourage anyone to post their struggles and success stories on this topic as well.